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Lea Roches is a down-to-earth, romantic and nerd-at-heart fiction writer based in Germany with a fascination for the paranormal and unknown. Her Canadian roots give her the ability to pull a variety of creative variables into her writing that are based on her cultural heritage and background. If you're a reader who longs for adventure, dark romance and deep story lines, you're absolutely going to be captivated by Lea Roches and her work.

One of the reoccurring themes Roches uses within her writing is that of witchcraft and fortune telling. She's drawn to the magical practices and esoteric study of reading an individual's future with almost unnerving accuracy. Similarly, she loves to paint an urban environment that blends older esoteric subjects and romance within a new-age setting that provides a unique and futuristic ride through the pages. Twisting fates and tampering with the future of her character's lives is something Roches does effortlessly as she perpetuates the plot and storytelling through a colorful and dark beauty only she can write.

If you love a comforting darkness and intrigue contained within the books you read, Lea Roches will satisfy your cravings with the work she produces in the pages of her books.
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